Dyslexia and Perfection

In today’s world, the ideal of perfection and becoming perfect can be a siren song – or a double edged sword. Dr Brene Brown calls perfection a ’20 tone shield’. We might believe it is protecting us but it is often limiting us. Keeping us small. 

I have found that some with dyslexia go one of two ways. Either, they seek perfection and constantly strive for it (sometimes to the point they can’t then put pen to paper) or they avoid it as they believe they can never achieve it so why bother trying at all.  

For a long time, I felt I had to be ‘perfect’. I had to search for the right qualification, the right amount of experience or the right look to be ‘enough’. I have learned that perfection keeps us caged. The idea of being perfect caged me for years thinking that I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t good looking enough, I didn’t have the right qualifications or the right hairstyle or the right equipment to make these videos. Yet, I was ready and perfect for it all along. Perfection stopped me. 

Being perfect is unachievable! 

We are born imperfect – and that is what makes us perfect. We are perfect in our imperfection! 

Don’t wait for the right time; now is the right time. 

The world is waiting for you to be, you.