Dyslexia is often thought to be just about how someone can’t read, write or spell. Yet, it is far more than that! It can also impact the organisational skills of the individual, their memory or or taking in information. 

However, the strengths of dyslexia far outweighs the negatives. But so many people only focus on the negatives. They focus on the idea that people can’t do something that humanity has only really been doing for 6 thousand years. 

Dyslexia offers the chance to have a greater capacity to be creative, to see the bigger picture and to express themselves. It’s an odd side effect that people with dyslexia often have considerable vocabularies, greater problem solving skills and that’s not covering all the personal skills, qualities and attributes that being dyslexic offers. Such as: their sense of humour; thinking in pictures; passionate; determined and strong minded. 

If you are dyslexic, you have all these skills and so many on top of these. Your challenge is to find all the hidden skills, treasures and qualities that lie within you.