Dyslexia & Starting Over

Starting over, when you have dyslexia, seems to be a common occurrence – if not a daily occurrence. I know that many people will say that it doesn’t matter if you have dyslexia or not everyone has to start over. But, when you’re dyslexic, being knocked back, put down or discouraged seems like a daily occurrence.

So, here is me coming clean. I knocked myself down! I got scared! I ran away back into my cave and built myself a nice little hidey hole that I got very comfortable in yet life had other ideas. 

It is why I am back. Life kicked me into touch and made me readjust my perspective. So did the global pandemic. It readjusted my viewpoint on life and jolted me out of the cave. It made me see that I was living my life in fear because I was scared of my dream coming true. 

I got scared! I had a meeting with a PR consultant in London who said that she could get me on TV, Radio and then make the website go global. Make me go global! 

That was just too much. I wasn’t ready for it and the fear and the idea of ‘not good enough’ along with ‘who do you think you are’ came crashing back in. 

I let the fear win. I got comfy in my fear but this is me – starting over. 

Along the way, I figured a few things out with the help of some antidepressants & anti anxiety meds. I spent a long time trying to be perfect when, actually, perfection is not what you want or need. No one needs to be perfect; they just have to be themselves. After watching a YouTuber, Ali Abdaal, I realise I don’t have to be a guru; I just have to be a guide. 

My aim going forward is to produce a blog a week and an Instagram reel per week to accompany the blog. 

I hope you follow along with me.